Exciting changes!

We have lots of exciting changes on the horizon which I will fill you in on in the coming days/weeks, but wanted to share 1 right now! I recently signed on to be a Thirty-One gifts consultant. I have always been wary of direct sales opportunities b/c they seem to feel like a pyramid scheme. Thirty-One gifts, however, is a company with ethics, committed to supporting girls and women while selling quality products. If you have a second, please check out my site – you can place orders or send me a message to book a party of your very own! For my friends and family far and wide, let’s chat about doing a “virtual” party where you earn the same rewards for just helping your friends shop online!




What’s important

Sometimes life has this way smacking you upside the head and reminding you of what is important.  Unfortunately that reminder often comes in a time of loss. Last week we lost my mother-in-law, Roberta. As a parent you want many things for your children – health, success, happiness, but more than anything I hope that my girls know real love. Other than me and Jeramey there was no one in this world that loved my daughters more than Roberta. I am sad my girls will not have their grandmother there to celebrate birthdays, wipe away tears and grow into young women.

Through all of this it is important to celebrate life. This past week saw little Miss Jacqueline turning 1 and Adrienne turning 2. So even in one of our toughest times, my girls are a constant reminder of how lucky we are.

So when we celebrate my “fake twins” birthdays this weekend there will definitely be something missing, but we will continue to focus on what is important.


I have never been one of those traditionalists that thinks there is a single definition of family. It isn’t about sharing DNA or even an address, rather it is about choosing to share your life with other people in a relationship of love and caring. This understanding has been challenged and strengthened as of late as my relationship with certain family members is strained and others battle serious illness. Throughout all of this and life’s other tests I am undeservedly lucky to share a home and a life with the family that I made – a loving husband and 4 beautiful little girls. Here is just a little peek  into our life. Thank you for letting me share it with you, because I am very proud of them all. 






Family Football Fun!

So first off – YAY GIANTS! Amelia and Eliza begrudgingly watched the first half of the Super Bowl with us, but all the girls wore their Giant’s shirt every Sunday in support (well we dress them, so it isn’t like they had an option). Things are good here on the home front. We are focusing on positive things like Jer’s new job, Amelia and Eliza’s love of school, Adrienne’s…umm…never ending energy and curiosity, and Jacqueline’s first attempts at walking and exploring.

Off to a rocky start…

So our hopes that 2012 would be a better year were quickly dashed when we all got sick. We spent New Years weekend with Amelia, Eliza and Adrienne enduring a nasty stomach bug. This was followed by a few days of 4 girls and 2 parents with head colds, which turned into Amelia with an ear infection and pneumonia, Eliza with an ear infection, Adrienne with a double ear infection and Jacqueline and a double ear infection and an awful rash. At this rate we might as well move into the pediatricians’ office.

But we are now all on the mend and hoping that things are looking up. Here are some pics of our crazy start to 2012!

December to Remember!

It was our first holiday season as a family of 6 and it was a fun one! Amelia and Eliza are still loving school and the holidays brought lots of cute crafts coming home. Adrienne entered her twenties – twenty months that is and has the attitude to match. Jacqueline is getting bigger and more active every day. We loaded (and I mean overloaded) our minivan and headed down to Brooklyn for Christmas. It was great to catch up with family and friends. Probably the best part was taking Amelia and Eliza to the Big Apple Circus. I used to go every year and it is a fun tradition to pass on!


I know Thanksgiving was last week, but there is always time to be thankful. Despite the fact that this has been a tough year, I am thankful to have 4 healthy children,  a loving husband, a warm home and wonderful family and friends. My girls drive me completely insane, but also constantly amaze me. I am also thankful for all of the struggles we have faced this year because it has only made us stronger.

My beautiful Eliza and Amelia having fun!

Daddy and all of his girls reading.

My 4 lovelies!